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Our vision

We are a student club at Deree, The American College of Greece. The Cyber Club is open to all students who are interested in the IT field. It aims to cultivate a community of motivated individuals who are passionate about technology and want to enrich their academic and student-life experience at Deree.

What we do

These are the types of activities we do. If you would like to participate, feel free to message us

Student Workshops

This is a series of events tailored towards students of all majors and minors, including graduate students. The point of this series is to give the opportunity to students, who are passionate about a subject and have done some research or project (for example, a final project or capstone project) about it, to present it to the rest of the community. The objective here is to present a topic in a fun and interactive means, in the form of a public speech, instead of a otherwise plain and taxing way.

CyberSec Sessions

The idea behind CyberSec is to create a team of motivated individuals which will be actively trained in cyber security and penetration testing by holding regular, guided sessions. Students who wish to participate will receive the knowledge required to penetrate into simulated environments and understand the implications of each part of a modern infrastructure. By using platforms like Hack The Box, we will study techniques and methods used to exploit commonly used technologies in a safe environment.

Meet the Enterprise

This is a series of events tailored towards IT and MIS students with the objective of presenting complex topics related to the IT enterprise concepts in bite-sized pieces, easily understood by students of all levels. It will be sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Hellas and presented by engineers, consultants, and partners of HPE. Last but not least, few select individuals which have taken part in the events will be able to join the “shadowing” program and work with HPE’s team for a week on real projects.

The Steering Committee

Without the following people, Cyber Club would not be possible : )

Riki Mati

Ivan Kochnev

Meletios Flevarakis

Pinelopi Gkinala

Haris Chastoukis

Alexandros Kourtis

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